dlna logoMore and more electronic gadgets now come with DLNA capability, but what is it?

DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance®) is a protocol that allows media files(video, pictures, music) to be streamed wirelessly over a home network from devices like smart mobile phones, computers, cameras, DVD/Bluray players, etc. To stream video on your big screen of your HDTVs with the HDMI interface of our wireless DLNA adapter is a very convenient.

Till now most DLNA adapters are proprietary, and most will only work with specific TVs or specific brands, however followed our FleetLink DLNA dongle, we have released a series of WiFi display dongles and adapters, which supports no matter it is Samsung TV, LG TV, Panasonic TV or any other TVs. The most representative WiFi display gadgets are RealCast PTV adapters and EZCast universal WiFi display dongles. Besides DLNA support, these dongles also support Miracast AirPlay.